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Princess Diana Accident

Princess Diana`s accident: The Final report

26th October 1998
It was a "totally normal accident"

French police produce the final report about the accidental death of Princess Diana :
dpa Paris - The accidental death of Princess Diana in Paris on the morning of 31st August 1997 is neither the blame of shady conspirators nor the go-getting paparazzi. About 13 months later the experts from the French Gendarmerie in their 500 side final report come to the conclusion that Diana and her companion in the Alma Tunnel were the victims of a completely banal car accident. The report, which was awaited with much suspense, the contents of which were reported in the paper "Le Figaro" on Saturday, also did away with other speculations: the car involved in the accident was therefore technically faultless. Airbags and ABS ( Advanced Braking System ) were fully functional.

As responsible for the accident the experts see the likewise killed driver Henri Paul, who was drunk and stood under the influence of medication. Henri Paul drove, according to the investigation, at 100 kilometers per hour, which is slower than what was first presumed. That is still of course twice the speed limit, but in this place and at the time in question it is more likely an average speed. The author of the report, which is due to be handed over to the trial judge Hervă´ Stă´phan on the 2nd November, maintains in any case to the hypothesis that a mysterious Fiat Uno was involved in the accident.
According to the Gendarmerie's findings, before the accident Diana's Mercedes 280 S was lightly scraped by this car which was on the overtaking lane. It is still unclear as to whether an unexpected driving manoeuvre by this car at the entrance to the tunnel forced Henri Paul to brake abruptly: at the site of the accident a 16 meters long skid mark was measured. When entering the tunnel the view of any cars in front is limited for a short amount of time. A delayed avoiding swerve in the narrow tunnel through being under the influence of alcohol can have fatal consequences.
The investigators also discovered the remains of an indicator cover. The analysis of this, just like that of the traces of paint on the Mercedes revealed that the car in question was a white Fiat built between 1983 and 1987. Eyewitnesses had also mentioned this vehicle. Although 3000 Uno drivers were laboriously scrutinized the car to this day has still not been found. The driver was primarily sought as a witness, but he would also have to explain his reasons for leaving the scene of an accident.