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The queen speech over the death of Princess Diana  

The queen speech over the death of Princess Diana  

Since the terrible news from last Sunday, we here in Great Britain and in the whole world have experienced an overwhelming expression of grief over Diana's death. We have all attempted in our own way, to comprehend this. It is not easy to express this feeling of loss, as after the initial shock a mixture of differing feelings follow: uncomprehension, lack of understanding, anger and concern about those left behind. In the last few days we were all very moved by these emotions.

What I want to say to you now, as your Queen and as a grandmother, I say from my heart: Next I would like to mention my own high respect for Diana. She was a unique and gifted person. Never, in good as in bad times, did she lose her ability to smile and her ability to inspire others with her warmth and her friendliness. I admire and respect her for her energy, her commitment to other people, and especially for her devotion to her two boys. We have all tried this last week in Balmoral to help William and Harryto overcome their terrible loss, which they - and all of us - must suffer. No-one who had known Diana will ever forget her. Millions of people who had not once met her personally, yet however feel that they were close to Diana, will keep the memory of her. I fully believe that we can learn from her life, and also from the special and moving reaction to her death. I share your determination to preserve her loving memory for always.

This is also an opportunity to thank in the name of my family, and especially in the names of Prince Charles, William and Harry, everyone who brought flowers, sent cards and showed their respect for and recognition to this remarkable person. These friendly gestures were all a great help and a deep source of comfort. Our thoughts are also with Diana's family and the families of those who had died with her. I know that they have also drawn strength from what has happened since last weekend, they also seek to ease their pain and to face a future without these dear people.

 I hope that tomorrow, wherever we shall be, we will be able to share in our grief over the loss of Diana and our gratefulness for her much too short life. It is the opportunity to show the world that the British Nation is united in grief and recognition. The dead can rest in peace, and we, every one of us, should thank God for someone who made many, many people happy.