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What happened... years ago?

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What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago in April ? You will find the most important events here.

01. April 1992: Funeral Service
The funeral service of the Earl takes place in the St. Mary the Virgin church in Great Brington. At the burial place of the Spencers Edward John finds his place to rest in peace. Charles takes part of the ceremony as well. But he didn't attend the cremation. He travels, as Diana whished before, home on his own.

08. April 1996: Dianas Cellulite
If her diary is clear Diana goes into a gym every day to exercise her body. Of course the press knows. The journalist Glenn Harvey took some pictures of Diana. On this pictures it is shown that Dianas legs have dints, it looks like cellulite. The press tumbles.

10. April 1996: I don't have cellulite
Now Princess Diana speakes out. In plublic she says: I don't have celluite. That where marks from sitting down a visual illusion. The photographer Glenn Harvey, who shot this unthrifty pictures of Dianas legs says: the camera doesn't ly. Diana, who is still observed by photographers know wears a long black coat as she comes to the gym.

Excerpts from the book: "Diana - Das Tagebuch einer Prinzessin".