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What happened... years ago?

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago in September ? You will find the most important events here.

18.09.1982: Princess Grace`s funeral
Diana takes part in the funeral ceremony of Princess Grace of Monaco and so she represents the royal house for the first time in a foreign country. The press honours her mourning appearance.

15.09.1984: Birth of Prince Henry
Prince Charles and Diana`s second son is also born in St. Mary`s Hospital at 16:20 p.m. He weighs 3118 g. Charles stands by his wife again. Charles who longed for a girl says to Diana after the birth: "Oh, it`s a boy and he`s even got red hair." Diana is shocked about his behaviour and her world collapses. Later she would say that something had died within her. The new prince gets the name Prince Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten- Windsor.

05.09.1997: Queen gives speech after Diana`s death
The queen gives a life speech on the occasion of Diana`s death. In it she praises her former daughter-in-law and thanks her for her good and human deeds. She lets people know about her grief and her speechlessness about Diana`s tragic death.

06.09.1997: Diana is laid to rest
The princess`coffin lies on a carriage (lafette) which is being escorted by the Welsh Guard through London. The funeral ceremony takes place at Westminster Abbey. Diana`s brother Charles gives a special speech. Elton John sings the song "Candle in the Wind" for Diana. Diana is laid to rest at Althorp, her family estate. Her children also takes part in these sad events.

Excerpts from the book: "Diana - Das Tagebuch einer Prinzessin".