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Princess Diana Biography Princess Diana Biography

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago 
in July? You will find the most important events here.

  01.07.1961: Birth of a girl
Johnnie and Frances where hoping for a son and heir, who one day would receive the great inheritance of the Spencer family. But the parents again get a girl. The little girl, who weights six pounds and threehundretsixty gramm at her birth, has because they awaited a boy no name on that day.

  Juli 1961: The name
After a week that little girl receives a name. In the birth certificate is written: The Honourable Diana Frances Spencer.

Die Hochzeit 29.07.1981: The wedding
On 29.07.1981 the wedding of the century takes place. Lady Diana Spencer marries the Prince of Wales. Over 700 million people saw the wedding on the television and 600.000 people came to stand along the streets they where passing to see the couple. As for every wedding, here as well are little glitches: The wedding goan gets creased in the tight carriage. Diana mixes the first names of her husband. And Charles affirms to, share all her goods with Diana - instead of his goods. But when the bridal couple kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the crowed cheers. On the same day the couple gets on a special train to Broadlands.

15.07.96: The divorcee is spoken
The divorcee is spoken out by Gerald Angel the judge in the London Somerset-House. After the legaly, which follows up in August, Diana is no royal highness any more. But she still stays Princess of Wales.

01.07.97 Dianas last Birthday
Her 36. birthday Diana celebrates in the Tate Galerie in London, the Galerie celebrates it's hundrets birthday on that days. The fashion deigner Jacques Azagury made a black evening goan wit a deep decollete for her, which she presents on that evening. She is also wearing the emerald - diamond bracelet that Prince Charles gave her as a wedding gift. One other guest is Dianas brother Charles.

Die Villa der Al Fayeds 11.07.97: Holiday with the Al Fayeds
France - St. Tropez: Diana travels with her sons William and Henry. Together they fly with Mohamed Al Fayed, his wife and kids to St. Tropez. They arrive at about 20:20 h in Castel Ste. Hélène, Al Fayeds property. There Diana is offered the guesthouse Fisherman's' Cottage for her amd the kids.