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Princess Diana Biography Princess Diana Biography

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago 
in March? You will find the most important events here.

Lady Di bei ihrem ersten Auftritt 09.03.1981: Deep uncertainty
Diana, who is very excited, shall attend her first public appearance. The black dress that she wears has a plunging neckline. Charles shows not a lot of enthusiasm and comments with sarcasm that only mourners wear black. With a deep uncertainty Diana goes to the performance of the royal opera Theme and Variations showed at the Goldsmiths' Hall. There she is exposed to the vistas of public. Princess Gracia Patricia from Monaco, who attends that evening as well, speaks to her to pic up courage.

Das Prinzenpaar am Flugplatz mit William. 20.03.1983: Arrival in Australia
Australia - Alice Springs: Diana and Charles fly to Austraila for four weeks and take their son with them. They land in Alice Springs. After Diana and Charles deboarded, little William excits. Carried by his nanny Barbara Barnes. Diana took William off Mrs. Barnes and the familiy presented themselves to the press. Normaly royalties don't take their children with them. But the Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser proposed them to take their son with them on that journey and Diana accepted that offer gladly.

29.03.92: Dianas father died
Austria - Lech: Earl Spencer, father of Diana, died as a consequence of a coronary thrombosis. Diana was located in Austria to that time. Together with Charles and her children she went there for skiing. Charles shall accompany his wife to London but Diana want's to grieve privately without the pretence of a happy family. The Queen adamants on that and so Charles accompanies Diana. Diana has to comply.