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What happened... years ago?

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago in August ? You will find the most important events here.

25.08.92: The squid conversation
An embarrassing revelation is printed by the Sun newspaper. The article states that during a conversation with her boyfriend James Gilbey in 1989, Di affectionately calls him my squid. The Sun publishes a telephone number on which approximately 40,000 people listen to the conversation between James and Diana. On the same day Sarah and her daughters leave Balmoral, before thanking Diana with a gallows humour for keeping her out of the headlines.

28.08.96: Legally divorced
After a six week waiting period of objection, Princess Diana and Prince Charles are legally divorced. Diana visits the English National Ballet, who surrounded by reporters and still wearing her engagement ring, smiles courageously for the cameras. She tells her fashion advisor, Roberto Devorik, it is the worst day of her life.

08.08.97: Diana visits Bosnia
Sarajevo, Bosnia: Diana travels with her personal butler Paul Burrell to Bosnia. At the airport in Sarajevo, the press are already expecting Diana: unfortunately they are more interested in her private life than her campaign against landmines. She travels through the country with Jerry White and Ken Rutherford. In the evenings she talks to Dodi per satellite telephone.

21.08.97: Last day in London
Nice, France: Diana spends her last day in London before setting off with Dodi on the next holiday. Early in the morning Diana jogs through London. The couple flies in the afternoon to Nice, where they sail by the yacht Jonikel to St. Tropez.

30.08.97: Diana and Dodi arrive in Paris
Paris, France: Diana and Dodi fly from Sardinia to Paris. First they visit Windsor Villa, and then afterwards they drive to the Ritz Hotel. Diana telephones with the journalist Richard Kay, and according to his statement, indicates that she is going to retire from public life. Late in the afternoon the couple arrives at Dodi’s apartment. At ten minutes to ten they arrive at the Ritz Hotel and eat a meal. Later they leave the hotel via the rear entrance in order to avoid the press. Their destination was to be Dodi’s apartment. It is exactly 19 minutes past midnight.

31.08.97: The lovers die in Paris
Paris, France: Despite the staged diversion planned by Dodi, the paparazzi pursue the couple’s car. Because of the high speed and the alcohol consumption by Henri Paul the driver, an accident occurs in Paris’ Alma Tunnel. It is exactly 24 minutes past midnight. The driver and Dodi die immediately. Diana and the bodyguard are transported to hospital, where Diana, after a long effort by doctors, dies at four o’clock. The sole survivor is the bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones.

Excerpts from the book: "Diana - Das Tagebuch einer Prinzessin".