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What happened... years ago?

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago in June ? You will find the most important events here.

21.06.82 Birth of the heir to the throne
At about 5 o'clock in the morning Diana and Charles enter the St. Mary´s Hospital in Paddington. The gynaecologist Dr. George Pinker, who brought a few royal babys into life and the midwife Betty Parsons are supporting Diana who is giving birth. Charles is present during the birth. Diana who is suffering heavy pain gets a narcotic substance. At about 21:03h Diana gives a new life to the royal familiy the heir to the throne of England. The little Prince has a weight of 3420g.

07.06.92: The truth comes out
The newspaper "Sunday Times" prints parts of Andrew Mortons book "Diana her true Story". The title of the day says: the end of seculations - Diana, her true story. Further it is written: Dianas five attempted suicides are because of the casualness of Charles. Charles tries to speak with Diana about the book, but she is too agitated. Crying she goes away. The medias report about the book all over the world, and the world is shocked.

29.06.1994: Charles admits perfidy
In a TV interview Charles admits his perfidyty. He betrayed Diana for years with his mistress Camilla. Because of his honesty he hopes to get the sympathy of the public. Diana wants to look speacial on that evening. Her butler Paul helps her to choose a dress. He convinces her to a black, tight, strapless cocktail dress from Christina Stambolian. Diana, who feels a deep insecurity, is cheered up by Paul. That makes an impact when she goes to an opening in the Serpentine Gallery where she full of selfconfidence welcomes Lord Palumbo.

18.06.97: Three strong women
Amerika - Washington: Even that the Buckingham Palast and the British ambacy believe Diana travels as a privat person to Amerika, Hillary Clinton invites her into the white house for breakfast. Later Diana meets Mother Teresa in New York. With her Diana visits the New Yorker slums. Both ladies talk to each other for about 40 minutes.

Excerpts from the book: "Diana - Das Tagebuch einer Prinzessin".