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Princess Diana Biography

What happened in Princess Diana's life years ago 
in November? You will find the most important events here.

Prinzessin Diana in Deutschland 02nd November 1987
Diana has a state visit to Germany.

Die letzte gemeinsame Reise 03rd November 1992
A joint trip by Diana and Charles to Korea is judged by the press to be the last chance to save their marriage.

Diana erzählt über ihr Leid 24th November 1995
Diana admits her affair with James Hewitt in a BBC TV interview with the journalist Martin Bashir. She speaks further about her psychological desperation during the unlucky married years, her mental trauma and the ensuing concurrent psychological illnesses, which first appeared as eating disorders, and about her attempt to commit suicide. Apart from this she spoke of her mistrust of the Royal Family and doubts that her husband, Prince Charles, will ever become king.

Diana in Argentinien 23rd November 1995
Thirteen years after the British-Argentinian war, during her visit to Argentina as Ambassador of Peace Princess Diana is greeted with excitement.